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Contoh Expressing Intention dalam Kehidupan

expressing intention dalam kehidupan

Menyatakan niat adalah bagian penting dalam komunikasi sehari-hari. Ekspresi niat digunakan untuk mengungkapkan apa yang kita ingin lakukan atau capai dalam berbagai situasi. Berikut adalah beberapa contoh ekspresi niat yang umum digunakan dalam berbagai konteks.

Intention Expressions in Business Context

a) "I intend to submit a proposal for a new project to management next week."

b) "We plan to expand our market reach overseas in the near future."

c) "Our marketing team intends to enhance our product branding through an aggressive social media campaign."

Intention Expressions in Education Context

a) "I intend to pursue my studies to a master's level in the field of psychology."

b) "My child plans to enroll in a top-ranked university to pursue a bachelor's program in computer science."

c) "We intend to introduce an entrepreneurship education program for students in our school to enhance their entrepreneurial skills."

Intention Expressions in Personal Context

a) "I plan to volunteer at a local charity organization every weekend."

b) "I intend to learn Spanish to be able to communicate with my friends living in Spain."

c) "We intend to host a grand birthday party to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary."

Intention Expressions in Health and Beauty Context

a) "I intend to start living a healthy lifestyle by exercising regularly and eating nutritious food."

b) "I plan to visit the dentist every six months to maintain the health of my teeth and gums."

c) "I intend to try organic skincare products to take care of my sensitive facial skin."

Intention Expressions in Financial Context

a) "I intend to save a portion of my income every month for my future financial goals."

b) "We plan to invest in a diversified portfolio to grow our wealth over the long term."

c) "I intend to create a budget and stick to it to manage my expenses effectively."


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